Elatus and Persephone join the party


Asteroids, minor planets and the larger celestial neighborhood help to enhance the archetypal pantheon.  There are some very potent assistants that bring even more depth and dimension to the Mars – Saturn Square.

Elatus is at the same degree as Mars is, with only a few arc minutes between them.  Elatus is an object belonging to the group of Centaurs.  He orbits between Saturn and Uranus, much like Chiron, and their mythological source is the same; the arrow that wounded Chiron so famously first passed through Elatus’s arm and he succumbs to the poison.   Symbolically, the arrow passing through his body can be seen as a kind of acceptance; the weapon did its work and is gone.  Fate (fatality) is a done deal.  The arrow lands in Chiron and he spends hundreds of years on his healing path.  Being mortal, Elatus has no choice but to accept his fate.  This pair shows us the difference between holding on and letting go.

Elatus working with Mars may show us there is power in accepting our mortality, there is power in our humanity.  We can only do so much.  We’re not the super hero we want to be.  Being realistic helps us creates balance.

Squaring Mars and Elatus is Saturn and asteroid Persephone.

Persephone’s story is on of the more familiar Greek myths.  In this tradition, Persephone is captured by Hades (= Pluto) and taken into the underworld.  Her mother Demeter is so distraught, all life on the planet withers.  Demeter demands her release, but Hades refuses because of Persephone had eaten pomegranate seeds he tricked her into eating.  They agree to share custody and upon Persephone’s return, life returns to the land and does so every spring thereafter.  When Persephone returns to the underworld, leaves drop and the earth fades into autumn.

There is a wonderful re-telling of this story by Charlene Spretnak, based on older mythology.  In this story, Persephone wants to help disembodied souls who have are having trouble transitioning.  She leads them into the underworld and feeds them pomegranate seeds.  This allows the spirits to leave the land of the living.  When her work is done, she returns to the middle realm.  Demeter feels this loss, as does every parent when their child “leaves the nest” and Demeter’s emotions cause the cycles of the season.

This retelling honors Persephone’s inherent power and acknowledges her personal agency.  She is not the victim.  She is the shaman.  As we call to our ancestors during this Samhain season, Persephone hears us and guides us through the shadowy realm so we can connect on a deeper level with them.

Persephone is working in tandem with Saturn, helping him navigate the depths of structural change.  How appropriate for Saturn’s meeting with Pluto in Jan. 2020!  She is moving faster and will conjunct Pluto on November 18th.  She meets with Saturn now and lays the way for him, perhaps even carrying a message to Pluto, speaking on Saturn’s behalf or carrying a cosmic letter of introduction.

Mars and Elatus challenge Saturn, asking him to rebuild the foundation in a realistic, harmonious way.  Saturn has access the forces of the Divine Feminine to assist him in the restructuring.  It is our job to see beyond what we think of as our physical reality and the limits of who we are to the deeper threads that connect us and weave the web of our combined realities.  In doing so, we remember that we are all related, we are all reflections of each other as we all carry the pulse of the Divine in our hearts.

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