Spiritual Support for Inner Restructuring


As the Sun pushes through the mid-point of Scorpio, we officially enter the season of darkness.  From now until winter solstice we are in the darkest time of the year.  It is time to dream of the new spark that represents our evolutionary growth.  What new part of yourself is ready to expand?  What is that next step on your highest path?  How can you honor your soul’s longing for growth?

To help us with this process, the Sun trines Neptune perfecting on November 8th, noon CST.  At their midpoint is Saturn, acting as a bridge between the depths of the human experience and the depths of the Spiritual ocean.

Sun in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces (solid blue highlight) forms a harmonic between the fixed and mutable water signs.  The deepest expression of our emotional self is working with the spiritual experience of dissolving the Ego and merging with the Divine.  The Sun shines brilliant light into the darkest waters of Scorpio, asking us to observe what is really going on.  What fundamental emotional patterns are being triggered? What are the emotional roots of the upsets and challenges?

This can be a time of great revelation, if we are honest with ourselves.  And if we are working with Neptune at a higher level, we are able to see that Spirit is present in all beings, in all things.  This realization helps us find compassion for those shadow dwellers who may have tricked us or taken advantage of us, for those ways in which the system seems to be stacked against humanity’s greatest good.

If we are not, the distinction between reality and illusion can blur.  Denial can lull us into a false sense of security as we believe the illusion to be our truth.  Shadow?  What shadow? Or even more challenging is allowing the shadows to overwhelm us, drawing us into a downward spiral based on fear and scarcity.

Saturn is exactly half-way in between Sun and Neptune (dotted blue highlights).  The lessons that we are learning in this cycle serve to strengthen Saturn.  Remember, Saturn teaches through failure so what may seem as a stumbling block can really be the catalyst for us to rewrite the rules in our game book.  Are my boundaries serving me?  When I am totally honest with myself, what shadows hold me in limiting beliefs?  How can I strengthen my integrity? These are some of the questions that Saturn directs us to.

There are also a larger cast of archetypes within a degree or so of the 3 luminaries.  They bring more focus and greater detail to these patterns.

Within a degree of the sun is Dziewanna, a Scattered Disk Object that orbits in a 2:7 frequency with Neptune and journeys out farther than Pluto in her 600 year orbital period.  Dziewanna (pronounced gee-vanna) is the Slavic Goddess of Spring and Summer, of forests and wildlife.  Her symbol is the mullein plant.  She is intimately connected to the wild forces of nature, much like Artemis and Diana.  Not much is known of Dziewanna’s history, but you can read more about her in this excellent article from Elder Mountain Dreaming.

Working with the Sun, Dziewanna brings a fresh new outlook, seeing the shadowy challenges through new eyes.  She is able to draw upon her natural instincts to help with the transformational work of Scorpio.  She is an ancient connection to the pure essence of Spring and Summer, the powers of growth and regeneration.

Joining Neptune is actual Black Moon Lilith. BML is the calculated point that is the moon’s farthest distance from Earth.  It changes from day to day so there are 2 calculations – one for the actual place and one that averages the locations into a more consistent orbital pattern called the mean.  She is named after Adam’s first wife and chose to leave the Garden of Eden because she refused to be sexually submissive to Adam.  She was turned into a demon who supposedly fed on newborn children.  She was written out of history, replaced by submissive Eve.  To this day, Jewish babies are given a talisman for their cribs to protect them from Lilith.  You can read more of her history here.

BML holds the energy of not only where our most repressed emotions live, but also that part of ourselves that we will not compromise, no matter what.  As Neptune aligns with Lilith, we may encounter that part of our Spirit that will we never, ever give up.  As Dziewanna calls to our inherent natural power, so Lilith calls to our resolve to never abandon our connection to Spirit.

Adjacent to Saturn is the centaur Amycus.  Unlike most centaurs, Amycus was the child of Ophion, a snake god that ruled on Mt. Olympus before Kronos (Saturn).  Amycus was set to inherit his father’s throne and rule the world until Kronos came in and overthrew him.  Stripped of his home and power, Amycus went to live in the wild with the other centaurs.  See this article by Helios for more on his story.

Amycus carries the energy of who we essentially are once we have lost everything.  Do we act out in anger?  Or do we accept responsibility for our lives, rebuilding from the ground up?  What a potent force this is for Saturn, as Saturn approaches the realm of Pluto and will ultimately be stripped down to his essential being.  Not to mention the irony of conqueror being united with the son of the conquered.

It will be important to remove our rose-colored glasses for this one.  While we may want to take refuge in our wild side, it is important to remember who we are at our essence.  Both BML and Amycus remind us that there are parts of ourselves that are not up for negotiation.  Knowing what those parts are can greatly assist us in our journey through the dark season.

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