Filling Our Own Desires

2019-11-16 Ceres Enters Capricorn

Early this morning, Ceres entered the realm of Capricorn.  Ceres is the Roman name for Demeter who in Greek mythology is Persephone’s mother.  Ceres’ roots come from the ancient Goddess of the harvest, the Mother that provides everything for us, her children.  She is the goddess of fertility and grain.  We find her name in the word “cereal”.  In order to feed us, the grain must be sacrificed which is why her symbol is shaped like a scythe.

Astrologically, she represents how we nurture ourselves as well as others and what sacrifices we make in order to do so.  Having completed her time in Sagittarius, we hopefully understand more about the truth of how we feel “fed” and what satisfies our spirit.  We may even have had insights into the true cost of what we sacrifice to care for others or even the true nature of our relationship to food.

If we are not partnering with Ceres in a positive way, we may experience her energy as grieving or loss, as she searches for her beloved daughter.  Where have we given away parts of ourselves so that we can fulfill our expected roles?  If we are not in alignment with our highest path, we may feel resentful, like everyone else is feasting at the banquet while we are cleaning the kitchen.  To resolve this, ask “How can I nurture myself?”  We are responsible for creating our own source of sustenance.

As Ceres journeys into Capricorn, she draws our attention to how we actually bring into physical reality that which revitalizes us.  What an appropriate sign for her to be in as we approach the season of feasting!  Notice the details around how you feel nurtured.  Have you created a physical environment that supports you?  Is the food you eat healthy?  What are you giving up so that you can care for others or even yourself?  In paying attention to this, we gain insight into where these processes can be refined, maximizing the results of our efforts.

Working in harmony with Ceres is Tantalus who entered Virgo on Wednesday.  This is a very interesting aspect as the two are related in mythology which you can read about here.  Tantalus represents the deep desire we have that cannot be satiated.  In Greek mythology, Tantalus lives in the deepest part of the underworld, standing in a pool of water with tree branches filled with fruit above is head.  Whenever he tries to pick the fruit, the branches move just out of reach.  When he stoops down to take a drink, the water recedes.  The word “tantalize” carries this meaning of unrequited desire into our language today.

Ceres has a unique opportunity as she begins this next phase to listen to Tantalus (blue highlight).  How do our deepest desires go unfulfilled?  How are we blocking ourselves from receiving the abundance of the universe?  Being that Tantalus is in Virgo, we may want to pay attention to how picky we are being as Virgo drives our attention to detail and (over)analysis.

Another asteroid that is in relationship to Ceres and Tantalus is Sphinx in Gemini.  Tantalus, being at the very beginning of Virgo reinforces the energy of lion/woman.  The Sphinx is a mythological creature present in Egyptian and Greek mythology.  In both cultures, this being acts as a guardian and only allows entrance to those who can answer its riddle.

Symbolically, the energy of the Sphinx guards the point of transition in our lives.  We know there are changes to be made but how do we unravel the riddle of doing this?  Being in the sign of Gemini, Sphinx asks us for the password.  What are the words or thought processes that we need so that we can gain access to the next chapter in our lives?  Sphinx wants us to learn how to access the deeper riddles of our soul.  Sphinx is inconjunct Ceres (5 signs away, green highlight) making this a challenging aspect.  As Ceres enters her new terrain, Sphinx stops her and says “Before you can fully step into your manifesting powers, answer me this:  What do you truly want?”  Perhaps this is the greatest riddle of all.


  1. Kevin D · November 16

    That’s interesting Ceres just entered Capricorn. I just got a new job and start Monday.
    With Tantalus in Virgo, I desire above all -order, logic, and efficiency… but it always seems just out of reach…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Starsong · November 18

    Congratulations! Know that you have the power of Mars entering Scorpio in the wee hours tomorrow morning which will help set you out on your new path with power and conviction. May this new job bring you great success and prosperity.


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