Labor Pains

Tollyee Castle

Venus stands upon the crumbling foundation of the ancient castle.  Below her, the ocean pounds the stone, washing away the fallen bricks and eroding the foundation even further.  She gazes at the destruction all around her, wondering how this can ever be repaired.  She hears footsteps behind her and turns to find Pluto emerging from the shadows.  “You know it is time.” His voice, deep and resonant shakes her to the core, echoing with a truth she wishes she could deny.

“It is well past time, isn’t it?” she replies sarcastically.  “But change is so uncomfortable.  How can I want that?”

“Look around you.” Pluto sweeps his arm wide.  “How can you not want it?  Is all this greed really serving humanity’s highest good?  We can do so much better.”  Venus feels this truth in her bones.

From the darkness, Venus looks to the east and sees the Sun rising. Far off in the distance, well beyond Pluto’s orbit is Varda, perfectly aligned with the Sun.  Venus recognizes the Star Queen and knows that she empowers the Sun with a deeper sense of what is true and what is not.  Venus says a silent prayer to her, much like the Elves of Tolkien’s mythology did in their darkest hour.  “Let us find a way to bring out the best in each other.” she wishes with all her heart.

“Indeed!” Pluto replies.  Venus must have spoken her prayer aloud.  She blushes for a moment, but knows her prayer is pure.  This strengthens her resolve.

“Your lover Mars is in deep communion with Neptune.” Pluto observes.  Venus feels cautiously optimistic.

“If he doesn’t get sucked into the illusion, perhaps Neptune will focus his drive.  I hope Mars can open his heart fully to Spirit, as that union, above all, is what truly transforms us.” Venus answers.  Pluto nods in agreement.

Venus continues her survey of the sky and it makes her head spin.  So many patterns, so many interactions that seem to have nothing to do with each other.  How to make sense of it all?  A huge wave crashes upon the rocks and part of the foundation slides into the sea.  Venus quickly moves away from the edge onto solid ground.  She notices Chariklo, wife of Chiron, a degree away from Pluto, simply observing her conversation with the Lord of Transformation.  Venus is reassured by Chariklo’s presence, sensing her grace and healing powers.

It occurs to Venus that Chariklo is the energetic midwife helping to birth a new structure for society.  Standing on this crumbling ground, Venus feels the pain and convulsions that the human spirit experiences as the new structure slowly makes its way through the birth channel.  “Who knows how long this labor will last?” she thinks.  It is in this moment that Venus realizes she truly does want something new, not something comfortable.  “It is indeed time.” She thinks, recalling Pluto’s invitation.  It will mean making many changes in her lifestyle, and Venus knows this is for the long haul, not like some quickie diet to lose a few pounds.

“You know you have help.” Jupiter calls out.  Venus looks out and sees the King of the Sky working with Uranus and Chiron to bring in this new structure.  Uranus, the Great Awakener sits in Venus’s sign of Taurus, sparking new ideas and inspirations to help her find a new sense of stability.  Jupiter magnifies Uranus’s understanding of the truth and together they are drawing up new plans for society.

Chiron challenges Jupiter, reminding him of the wounded Ego that can feel so limiting.  “Be sure to address these issues!” Chiron demands.  Venus takes a deep breath, knowing there is much work ahead, especially with these 3.  She senses the power of the Eclipse Portal that will be opening on the next new Moon (Dec. 25th) just 2 degrees from where Jupiter is right now.

“Just breathe, and don’t push.” Chariklo counsels.  “There is nothing to do until we pass through this celestial gateway.  Pay attention to what triggers you for therein lies the greatest path of healing.”  Venus nods solemnly.  She knows her time in Capricorn is drawing to a close and truthfully, she couldn’t be more grateful.  “Not that Aquarius is any easier,” she thinks “but at least I can take a little time to be my unconventional self.”  The promise of that freedom lifts her heart as she bids Pluto farewell.  “Good luck with the transformation!” she calls out to him.

“It helps to know that you want it.”  Pluto says with a wink.

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